How to make a Phoenix Jones costume

Phoenix Jones: average American citizen and self-proclaimed superhero. No. Seriously. Phoenix Jones, a Seattle vigilante tired of neighborhood crime, was recently arrested after swooping in to save a downtown club-goer from a beating. Jones pepper-sprayed the offender and was later arrested for keeping the peace. (Go figure, eh?) Jones himself was easy to spot and apprehend, however, due to his […]

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Top 10 Best (and 5 Worst) Superhero Costumes On Film

> It seems to have been a Superhero fashion show this week with official sneak peaks at Henry Cavill‚Äôs Man Of Steel and Anne Hathaway‚Äôs Catwoman, and there‚Äôs also been some looks recently at on-set photos of Thomas Hardy‚Äôs Bane, more deatiled shots of Spidey‚Äôs new pajamas and souped up duds for Thor and Captain America in The Avengers trailer. […]

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An Impressive Home Made Iron Man Costume

> While I personally thought that the second Iron Man pretty much sucked, that doesn‚Äôt mean some cool stuff didn‚Äôt come out of the movie. And I‚Äôm strictly referring to cosplay here folks. While I feel the movie fell short in so many ways it‚Äôs not even worth talking about, there were some pretty awesome get ups at comic and […]

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