Daisy Duck Costume

Daisy Duck was created by Walt Disney in 1940. She made her debut in “_ìMr. Duck Steps Out”¬ù which was first shown on June 7 of that year. Her usual role is that of Donald Duck’s girlfriend and Minnie Mouse’s closest friend. Daisy Duck, too, can have a quick temper, and speaks in the same spluttering voice as Donald. She […]

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Cheap and quick Mickey Mouse

Want to be Mickey Mouse for Halloween? Sure! Here are a few tips. Start with black tights, hose, or other black pants and a black t-shirt. Find some cheap, plain, red shorts at a thrift store or department store. Find some extra large white buttons at a craft or sewing shop and sew them to the front of the shorts. […]

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Happy Lucky Mickey Mouse!

Everyone loves the fun, happy go lucky mouse, mickey mouse! To become this character just run to your local disney store,(or disneyland if you are close) and pick up a pair of those famouse ears. Just paint your nose black, put on a pair of red suspenders and pants, yellow shoes and some white gloves and you are now the […]

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