How to make a mermaid costume?

Mermaids have been popular throughout most childhood’s due to the fairy tales and Disney movie. If you are looking for an inexpensive mermaid for this year we have some steps below that could help you with that. [b]Things You’ll Need:[/b] – Sewing machine – Pattern – Wig – Any color material – Sandals [b]Instructions:[/b] The mermaid costume can be all […]

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How to make a Mermaid Princess costume

My daughter dressed up for her kindergarten fancy dress competition as a Mermaid Princess and she looked so gorgeous that she won the First prize. Ofcourse her mom did all the work on the dress, complete with net scallops bordered with glitter glue. I stitched a simple skirt and stuck all the scallops onto it. Then made the tail out […]

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