Be the Maddest Mad Hatter

If your first choice was the Queen of Hearts, but your friends said they would disown you if you went in drag, your next obvious choice is the Mad Hatter. Get a nice big, rediculus hat, some insane hair, (hair and hare) and get ready to rock the town! You may not be as hot as Johnny Depp, but you […]

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How to Create a Mad Hatter Costume

Alice in Wonderland is a time honored classic. Disney and Hollywood have offered their spins on a delightful tale in previous years, and now Tim Burton is adding his own twist, with his usual top star cast. Johnny Depp will be the Mad Hatter, and you can bet his costume will be magnificent. If you want to design your own […]

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How to make a Mad Hatter costume?

Costumes are a lot of fun to make whether you have the pieces you need in your closet or need to make them with needle and thread, and The Mad Hatter is no exception. He is one of the liveliest characters from Alice in Wonderland, and with the different hats and wacky outfit this costume is great for any costume […]

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