How to make a Claire Littleton from LOST costume

Claire Littleton was the sweet, Australian young woman who crashed with the survivors of Oceanic 815. She was also 9 months pregnant and ended up giving birth on the island. Her baby was taken by the infamous “Others” and she later finds out that Jack is her long-“Lost” brother! Claire also goes a bit nutty after drinking UnLocke’s Kool Aid, […]

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How to make a John Locke from LOST costume

“Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” Chill out, dude! This easy costume tutorial will tell you that, yes, you CAN make a simple and cool LOST John Locke costume. A fan favorite played by Terry O’Quinn, Locke has been the island’s main of faith who regains the use of his legs after the crash of Oceanic 815. After his […]

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How to make a Hurley from LOST costume

Hugo “Hurley” Reyes is perhaps the most likable of the Lost-aways. He’s big, burly, says “dude” a lot and is just an all-around good guy. His “cursed” lottery ticket and career with Mr. Cluck’s — and guilt — brought him to the island where he’s been a constant friend and protector to his fellow Losties. Check out how you can […]

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