$4,000 Iron Man War Machine Costume

We posted recently a Youtube video of an amazing Iron Man 2 War Machine, made by Anthony Le. Now details are emerging about this ‘surreal’ cosplay. > Time: 1 Month > Cost: $4,000+ >WEAPONRY >Le built a replica of the machine gun on the suit‚Äôs shoulder out of PVC pipes and other materials. He added a small motor and belt […]

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Iron Man 2 – Review and NEW Costumes!

Iron Man 2” released this week at the top of the box office. While it wasn’t as good as the first “Iron Man” flick, the sequel is definitely worth checking out and highly entertaining. As a self-proclaimed comic book nerd, I can appreciate so many cool details and nods to the “Iron Man” comic book and Marvel Universe in general. […]

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