Sesame Street Counts to 40!!

Technically Sesame Street is in its 39th season, but the show began on November 10th, 2009, which means it will soon be 40 years old. Sesame Street is perhaps the oldest running children’s show in America. The reason for its popularity simply comes down to education made fun. Sesame Street is set on the fictional Sesame Street in New York, […]

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Sesame Street turns 40

In 1969, Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrissette teamed with a young puppeteer named Jim Henson to create a television show geared towards educating children but was still entertaining enough for parents to enjoy alongside their kids. 40 years later, that very show, Sesame Street, is still growing strong. Unique in its approach, the PBS mainstay combined live-action adults and […]

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Elmo Mascot Costume

First get a punch balloon. Mix flour, water, white glue in a bowl. Get the consistency of pancake mix. Rip one inch by about six inch newspaper pieces and dip them into the paper mache mix. Place each piece on the balloon until completely covered. Let dry. Do this again until you get about 12 layers. Cut a hole for […]

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