Wearing an Elf Costume Pays Off

> After dressing as an elf for two weeks, Peter Scelfo ‚Äô15 won a freshman seat on the Student Assembly, drawing 819 votes in this week‚Äôs election. Scelfo received 146 votes more than his nearest competitor and 436 more than last year‚Äôs highest vote-getter. So you ask, why an elf costume? >‚ÄúI had never really thought of any particular campaigning […]

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Elf Mask

Print out the Elf color mask for a quick fun Holiday mask or the Elf black and white to color and decorate yourself! Click the links below to download the masks: Elf mask – Color Elf mask – Black and White

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How to make an Elf costume?

Elf costumes are fun to wear at any time of the year, but particularly at Christmas. (In those countries that celebrate “_ìCarnivale”¬ù, our version of Mardi Gras, you will often see elf costumes.) They are very versatile, as both children and adults can wear them, and can be quite simple to make. You only need a few items to make […]

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