How to look like Lafayette Reynolds

###Signature Look: – doo-rag – sideways trucker hat – tight embellished top – lots of make-up! ###What to wear? – Outfit ‚Äòmusts‚Äô include a muscle shirt with a lacy silkscreen design or other embellishments, skinny jeans, and untied work boots. – Accessorise with a gold do-rag, trucker hat and lots of jewellery. – Make-up, make-up, make-up! Are you man enough? […]

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How to Look Like Vampire Bill Compton

###Tips for Bill Compton costume – Capture Bill‚Äôs laid back style with a basic henley shirt and jeans – Remove all signs of the sun by applying pale foundation along with a small amount of red eyshadow just on lower lash line – Finish the look with glue-on sideburns and fake fangs! – Don‚Äôt forget to leave home without a […]

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