Awesome Senior Cosplay…!!

Who said Cosplay was only for kids? Senior citizens of the Singapore Silver Cosplay Club participated in a contest for people over 50 years old. The 27 members turned contestants and alongside grand sons and grand daughters, dressed up for the occasion. I think this is fabulous to see grand parents wanting to bound with their grand children over a […]

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Documentary: Introduction to Cosplay

If you are new to the world of Cosplay, watch this fantastic documentary. > In a world where anything can be seen as normal, A Way To Escape takes you to the abnormal subculture of cosplay. Going to conventions from Kitacon to Comic Con, this takes you through a journey filled with characters including the likes of Star Wars, Doctor […]

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Meagan Marie

> I should have blogged about this amazing experience weeks ago, but have been too busy on the Tomb Raider front to keep up! Disclaimer: This FAQ has been written to provide guidance for those looking to break into cosplay modeling or creativity-driven, collaborative photo shoots. This guide is not a primer for launching a career in commercial or fashion […]

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