How To Be Charlie Sheen & His Porn Princess Capri Anderson

> Most of my friends are stressing out about their Halloween costumes, especially since they‚Äôre excited to celebrate tomorrow night but still don‚Äôt know what to dress up as. All of the costume stores are jam-packed and picked-over‚Äì trying to buy something last minute is only going to make matters worse. I recommend an easy, do-it-yourself option: Charlie Sheen and […]

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Charlie Sheen tiger blood costume

> At last, a winning Halloween costume. While it never hurts to plan better, you do need to remember that most folks don‚Äôt have a 10,000 year old brain and will probably have long since forgotten about tiger blood by the time Halloween rolls around‚Ķ and explaining the costume to all those unevolved minds will really take the fun out […]

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