Support the CAAF with Disney Costumes

Toys R’Us and Disney have teamed up to offer twenty- five Disney costumes for Halloween this year. Each year there are millions of costumes available, which make the decision of who to be extremely difficult. This year you might elect to do something for someone else. Toys R’Us and Disney have twenty- five new costumes that will support the Children’s Affected by AIDS Foundation or CAAF.

At the start of September the costumes will be placed in Toys R’Us stores and online from their stores. The costumes include Disney Princess costumes, Disney Toy Story costumes, Tinker Bell costumes, and Power Ranger costumes to name a few of the choices.

These two companies have the right idea of supporting individuals who are important. A portion of the purchase price of the costumes will go to the foundation. But, you do not have to just support the CAAF. Perhaps you already have a charity or foundation you would like to help. Just because Disney and Toys R’Us have come up with the idea does not mean you cannot put your own spin on things.

Consider for a moment organizing a school drive for old costumes. I’m sure your children or even you have some costumes you no longer wear. By creating a situation where people can bring these costumes to you, you can help pass them out to children who might not have a costume. The times are tough. The economy is still recovering so some children may be without the means to get even last year’s popular costume.

There are a number of ways you can support a foundation or your local community with costumes. If you are handy with a needle and thread consider making your own popular costume like Harry Potter costume pieces or Transformer costumes. With cancer foundations, wildlife funds, abused pet charities, and much more you have plenty of opportunity to support what means most to you.

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