Stay Puft M arshmallow WOW-man

This year my friends and I were determined to win the costume contest with our group of friends in an annual party that grows every year. Since it is the 25th anniversary of Ghostbusters we decided that was a WONDERFUL theme! With the help if a dear friend, I designed and made all the costumes for all the characters in the movie.

This is my costume… the Stay Puft Marshmallow- WOW-man!

I made the arms and legs out of fabric by folding it in half and sewing 4″ for the arms & 8″ for the legs stripes across longways. I stuffed the stripes and then folded the pieces over like a pillow case and sewed them together making sleeves and leggings. On the arms, I had to tapper it a bit to fit my wrist at the bottom. Since I am a girl, I added sequins in all the folds (a little bling never hurt anyone!) Then I made the had out of a piece of cardboard I covered with white fabric and then a ribbon surrounding it and black letters spelling out Stay Puft like the original guy had! I stuffed an extra piece of fabric with stuffing and attached it to the top of the hat and glued the entire thing onto a head band. The dress was a white slip dress I had from another costume that I cut and fitted it to myself. The collar/bib was made from a piece of blue fabric and I glued the ribbons around the collar to make it look like the original.

This was a super FUN costume that won Best in Show at the party we were at!


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