Star Wars original Stormtrooper costume help!

Okay, so i pretty much have a basic idea down on how to make it, the problem is, how to get certain things to work.

I plan on using underarmour spandex leg tights and long sleeve body tights.

To go along with that, i want to use this foam padding i found at walmart. It is about a half inch thick, and i want to make stencils and trace them onto the foam.

After doing that, i plan on cutting out the shapes for the armour pieces.

The parts i need help with are:

what white color material should i use to cover the foam?

What sewing techniques should i use on covering the foam with a fabric?

To attach the armour pieces to the spandex, should i use super glue, hot glue, or another technique?

And how do i curve the foam and make it keep its curve to contour to body shape. (shoulders, around arms, legs, etc.)

Any help is GREATLY appreciated! 🙂

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