Star Trek: The Exhibit

The revamped version of Star Trek is still the summer’s hottest movie, however, Trekkies and new converts will be excited to know that even more intergalactic goodness has crept into an appropriately intellectual setting. You’ve seen Star Trek: The Series and several Star Trek movies… Get ready for Star Trek: The Exhibit.

This traveling exhibit is scheduled to hit 40 cities in 5 years. This summer, it’s docked itself for the summer in Philadelphia’s famous Franklin Institute Museum showcasing not just costumes, artifacts, and props from the original show and films, but also the science behind Star Trek. The science aspect of the exhibit compares and contrasts how close we are with technological advancements as seen in the 22nd and 23rd century on the franchise.

Some of the items included in the exhibit include Captain Kirk’s chair from the original series, the main deck from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and various Klingon costumes from the original series with their more human look, to the most widely recognized alien version. Among other items, a “Shuttlepod Simulator” is an additional option that visitors can check out for an additional $6.

It runs Sunday through Saturday with various hours beginning at 9:30AM and tours as late as 8PM. Tickets range from more expensive daytime prices (the most expensive being $23.75 for adults and evening prices for adults at $12 with discounts for kids and seniors at all tour times.

While photography isn’t allowed, patrons are welcome to come dressed as their favorite Captain, Vulcan, or any other character from Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek universe! Live long and prosper!

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