Spooktacular Fun Halloween Costumes!

Each year it is a tossup of what you will see on the streets during Halloween evening. This year I was able to view over a hundred costumes along a local street. During my escapades I was amazed, disappointed, and laughing. The disappointment came from the ten or so pirates I passed, mostly because they all looked alike. But it was the fun costumes that made me laugh and some were just plain amazing for the ingenuity they could offer.

My top favorite costume for the Halloween Trick or Treating experience was the “ÀúStaples Easy Button.’ The individual wearing this costume went all out. It was not just a button attached to a sweat suit, and unfortunately I did not have a camera. He created the easy button with cardboard, paint, and other materials. First the costume was square and on the front was the round red and white easy button, however it got even better. If the button was pushed little sensors would go off flashing. Now that is what I call genius!

The second “spooktacular”¬ù costume was a train. While it was not Thomas the Train it certainly had that kind of appeal. A wagon was taken in which they formed a train engine over. The engine was painted black and it had windows, smoke stack, and even train wheels. The Train Conductor was sitting in the back riding around as the child’s mom and dad moved the wagon along.

Among the other costumes were some witch costumes, spiderman costumes, and your typical pumpkin costumes. With the spectacular costumes I saw on Halloween it will be amazing to see what great ideas can be found for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Train Engine Costume

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