Sookie costume tips

Wondering how to look like Sookie Stackhouse? Check out these important tips!

###Signature look:

– Play the Human telepath

РMerlotte’s Womens T-Shirt

– Tru Blood Beverage

РMerlotte’s Apron

РMerlotte’s Pint Glasse

###What you should do

РTo achieve Sookie’s fresh-faced look keep your make-up minimal and natural looking.

– For her signature bar-maid look, try tying a blonde wig or your hair into a side-swept ponytail.

– Show off your love of vampires with pride by using makeup to create vampire bites on the side of your neck, just like Sookie’s.

РAccessorize your waitress uniform with an old platter topped with bottles of Tru Blood beverage and some Merlotte’s glasses

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