Someone stole Skato!

You must be probably like “huh…WHAT?!” Yeah i know, i was the same way when i learned that someone had stolen Skato! šŸ™‚

As reported by “A large, light green dinosaur costume was stolen from United Skates of America, located in the Woodbridge Community Center.

The “Skato” costume, valued at about $3,000, was removed from a rear hallway where it is stored, police said. ”

I am not really sure who Skato is or what he represents, all i could find was this “kato is Barney on skates”…ok dok! If anybody can let us know who Skato is and what he does other than skating, that would be great. He looks like a nice fellow…

And to the Skato thieves out there: shame on you! Bring Skato back to the skating ring!

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