Snooki Dog Halloween Costume

###What you’ll need:

– Black clip on pony tail

РA pair of black panty hose or leotards: for small dogs, get a pair of toddler’s black leotards that have feet.

– Cheap long chain necklace

– 5+ empty shot sized liquor bottles

– Liquid glue

– Glitter

###What to do?

– Cut one of the feet off of the black leotard, just wide enough so it will fit as a tight cap for your pet

РPoke a small hole in the middle of this and put the pony-tail through the cap so it is sticking out of the top (This is your pet’s big hair and you can tease it up and spray it so it looks wild like Snooki’s)

Warning: don’t spray around your dog, style and spray the hair before you put it on them.

– Put a piece of the panty hose or leotard leg, just big enough to slip on your pet, much like putting a black tube top over their body.

РOnce you figured out a good spot, take off the top and use the glue and the glitter to write “Snooki” on the tube top.

РUse a hand drill and drill two holes in the neck of each of the liquor bottles so the chain can slip through the bottle and hang like a charm. This will be your pet’s necklace.

– You can always embellish the hair with a bow or tiara to look like Snooki.

The original, non-formatted how to is here.

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