Smurf Love

Every couple wants themed Halloween costumes. So this year my boyfriend and I decided to be smurfs. We were determined to be something original and not buy from a store. Plus it was going to be a great way to pay tribute to a show we grew up watching. I was smurfette and he was grouchy smurf, to go along with the TV show. We handmade our hats with white felt. The hats were not easy to make. We had to draw out a few sketches that were very unsuccessful and finally decided to use newspaper. Doing so we were able to make decent hats without having to waste anymore felt. Finally through much trial and error (3 wasted hats) we finally made smurf worthy hats. We used clothes we already owned and altered them to work with our costumes. We bought blue ben nye body paint and sealer. We airbrushed the makeup on, which took nearly three hours in total. All in all the costumes were a hit and definitely worth the time and detail.

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