Slipknot: In Concert and In Costume!

After an absence from the road, masked musicians Slipknot hits the tour trail again as a headlining act on the Rockstar Mayhem Tour, sponsored by the Rockstar Energy drink. Scheduled to hit major cities across the United States, tour dates can be found here to see if they’re headed to an amphitheatre near you this summer.

With a new album due out in August, Iowa’s gift to the music scene, Slipknot, Ǭ†is a throwback to the days of Kiss, with many of the members until recently having kept their faces hidden from fans for a long time beneath distinctive masks worn by each member.Ǭ† The nine musicians’ mask styles have changed slightly over the years, but still remain variations on the same theme.Ǭ† Shawn “Clown” Crahan usually wears a creepy clown mask, while drummer Joey Jordison favors a Kabuki style mask.Ǭ† Regardless of their style, a menacing, horror theme extends throughout all of the Slipknot faces… And fans love ’em for it!

Die hard fans of the ‘Knot, or “Maggots” as affectionately referred to by the band, often show their allegiance to the nine-piece group known for their extravagant and energetic stage shows by dressing up as their favorite members.Ǭ† Although a lot of fans crafted their own masks or had boiler suits (in different colors, depending on the album) custom made to wear to shows or for Halloween.Ǭ†

Now, officially licensed Slipknot masks and two-piece replica uniforms are available.Ǭ† The uniforms come with with signature Slipknot “S” and barcode patches, as well as patches numbered “0” through “8” to recreate the look of your favorite member.Ǭ†

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