Sir Knight

Items Needed:

*Black or gray pants or sweat pants

*Black or gray hooded shirt or sweatshirt

*Empty plastic milk jugs

*Silver spray paint

*protective sports gear (knee pads, shin guards, elbow pads, catchers gear, foot ball pads,–all will work)

*Silver car sun shades 2-4 depending on size of person

*Duct tape

Helmet: Using milk jugs, first cut of the top end, then cut out the handle area to make an opening for the face. You can use another jug to cut a mouth mask for the helmet. Cut of the top end, then cut in half just below the handle. Cut the handle off then cut down the seam behind the handle to make one flat piece. Cut slats and trim to desired size to fit helmet. Paint silver then attach pieces.

Armor: For arms and legs decide which protective gear will work best, then cut the sun shades into appropriate sizes to cover and affix with duct tape. For the body armor, fold a sun shade in half and trim off mirror section to make a straight edge. You can cut a hole for the head or cut into two squares and make straps from the duct tape to hang over shoulders. For larger subjects, you may need 2 sun shades for this. Trim edges in duct tape to keep from falling apart.

Dress in pants and hooded shirt. Add created armor pieces. and ta-daa! Sir knight is born!

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