Shrek: Forever After: New concept and New Costumes!

Everyone thought they had seen the last of “Shrek” after the third installment of the films about the animated ogre fared poorly at the box office. Mike Myers’ big, green brainchild managed to prove the naysayers wrong with the success of “Shrek: Forever After.” The film managed to pull out on top of the box office again for the second consecutive week, beating out even Sex and the City 2 which premiered this week.

Billed as the final film in the “Shrek” series, this time around, the fairy tale characters of Far, Far Away are threatened by a little red menace named Rumpelstiltskin. Rumpelstiltskin was originally hired by Princess Fiona’s parents to break the curse that kept her as a woman by day and an ogress by night. Afraid that True Love’s First Kiss would never come, the King and Queen wanted their daughter to lead a normal life. As Shrek rescued Fiona in the first film, the King and Queen declined Rumplestiltskin’s offer, leading him to curse the day that Shrek was born.

Meanwhile, in the present, Shrek’s happy homelife with Fiona, Donkey (and his wife, Dragon) and their brood of ogre children makes him feel like he is less of an ogre. He happens upon Rumplestiltskin who tells him that he can give him a day where he can feel like his old self again. Shrek takes him up on his offer and finds himself in a completely different Far Far Away where ogres are hunted and enslaved and Rumplestiltskin is king. Unless Shrek can figure out a way to turn things back the way they were within 24 hours, Shrek will have never been born and this new continuity will stay permanent.

And, of course, with any new Shrek film, that means there are new Shrek: Forever After costumes! Shrek remains the same big green guy we all know and love, but Princess Fiona has a new look. As leader of Far, Far Away’s ogre resistance, she’s meaner and greener than before. Try out the Warrior Fiona costume in ladies’ sizes and even sizes to fit little girls who want to grow up to defend their kingdom like brave Fiona! Shrek Donkey costumes are also available in a variety of styles, from plush dress-up costumes, ear and teeth sets, and even high quality vinyl masks with Donkey’s constantly grinning mug on them!

In the surprise hit of the film, there are also Gingerbread Warrior costumes available, featuring little Gingy as as one tough cookie, decked out in his candied gladiator look and wielding a sawed-off lollipop to slay his enemies!

Although no official costumes are available for Shrek: Forever After’s main villain, you can check out How to make a Rumpelstiltskin costume on your own to round out your own costumed vision of Far, Far Away.

I haven’t seen “Shrek: Forever After” myself, just yet, but after reading about all of the cool new characters and plot twists, I can’t wait to see it! I’ve always been a fan of the Gingerbread Man and seeing the little guy get an expanded role in the film does my heart good! And to see Princess Fiona taking charge once again sounds like a fun time, too! (By the way, Puss in Boots also returns to the film. Although, he’s put on a few pounds and is now Fiona’s pampered pet.)

Have you seen “Shrek: Forever After” yet? What did you think? How does it stack up to the other sequels… And are sad to see the series go after this final film in the series?

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