sexy “bird in a gilded cage” costime

This is not my idea. I have seen it done, but have my own modifications to it. Unfortunately, this costume would only look good if it included as a prop, a giant birdcage. However, if no one had that, the costume would work just as good without a birdcage.

The costume would be a girl’s or woman’s bikini, but with some modifications. The skimpier and sexier, the better. But any bikini would look good. If the front of the bra as well as the strings on both the bra and the bottom were lined with feathers. Yellow and white would be good feathers as it is closely related to the color of a bird. I think even some stylish garters to wear on the left upper arm and right wrist would look pretty cute…those also lined with feathers.

Then the girl would sit in the giant birdcage wearing the costume as though she were a bird. I think this would be a fun and creative costume idea.

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