Sex and the City 2: More costumes! More shoes!

Although critics have been lukewarm on the new “Sex and the City 2” movie that was released nationwide today, I’m still looking forward to seeing it. Of course, I’ll be going with three other female friends. And you know, we might even get dressed up like the fashionably fab four SATC gals.

HBO and “Sex and the City” have released a bunch of character wigs based on the unique hairstyles of each of the girls. Even if you’ve got your own idea for a Carrie Bradshaw costume and her quirky sense of style, if you’re looking for a Miranda Hobbes costume, the officially licensed short red wig is a perfectly stylish start to your costume… Just add a briefcase and cell phone!

But what’s the best part about getting dressed up with a Sex and the City costume? THE SHOES!! Checking out the film is the perfect opportunity to pick up a snazzy new pair of kicks. Show off your best Carrie Bradshaw style — Manolos or any hot shoe that doesn’t neccessarily have to be a “big name” brand over on Sign up for the site’s newsletter to get a look at what’s hot in summer footwear and to get great coupons on your online orders. It’s better than strolling down 5th Avenue and window shopping. You can do all your shoe shopping online with plenty of time to grab Cosmos with the girls before you head to see the movie yourself.

Speaking of Cosmo martinis, head on over to CostumZee’s forums and get the recipe on How to make the perfect Cosmo Martini and How to make Tabouleh, a delicious, Middle Eastern dish that’s heavy on the vegetables and nice and light for the warm weather ahead.

The Middle East and Abu Dhabi play a big role as the setting for “Sex and the City 2,” which has been one of the gripes with the film according to fans and critics. New York was the “fifth” member of Sex and the City, so a lot of fans are pretty upset with the change in scenery. On a broader level, some critics find the setting too campy, glossing over any potential political overtones that may have made for a stronger social message.

Will there be Middle Eastern costumes in the film? You betcha! Stills from the film show the ladies wearing colorful desert-ready attire that seems more Arabian Nights than it does modern burquah.

As for me, I will reserve my judgment for the film until I see it. And hey, if you want an honest review (I promise, I will not drink one too many Cosmos and give the flick a glassy-eyed, glowing review after I see it Saturday afternoon! Really!), speak up and I’ll be happy to post one here on CostumZee. If you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta go rustle up an eye-popping power suit and wig, like the How to Make a Samantha Jones costume suggests!

Til next time!

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