Sesame Street Counts to 40!!

Technically Sesame Street is in its 39th season, but the show began on November 10th, 2009, which means it will soon be 40 years old. Sesame Street is perhaps the oldest running children’s show in America. The reason for its popularity simply comes down to education made fun.

Sesame Street is set on the fictional Sesame Street in New York, New York. The show began using just puppets, live actors and a stage with fake buildings. Today the show is animated with puppets and of course the live actors. Children are able to learn about letters, words, math, geometry, problem solving and much more. Real world scenarios are often discussed such as death, divorce, and pregnancy. Human emotions are also explored on the show.

Parents love Sesame Street just as much as today’s children. Most of the adults who watch the show with their children grew up with it. It takes them back to their earliest memories, and passes on a tradition.

In honor of the 77 million Americans who have watched Sesame Street Sea World has created several “Sesame”¬ù Centered shows. They launched their new shows in March 2008 with a themed musical and 4-D movie. In San Diego there is a Bay of Play which opened in May 2008. They have some of the most important characters as well as a “kiddieland”¬ù with three rides.

Children are not the only individuals who will want Sesame Street Costumes. For adults out there you have a varied choice in who you can dress up as. Ernie Costumes, Bert Costumes, cookie monster costumes, and Oscar the Grouch Costumes are just some of your options.

sesame street the countTickle Me Elmo may have increased Sesame Street popularity in the late 90’s, but he is not the only costume choice you have. The Count Costume will take us through basic math to help us reach the 40 years Sesame Street is enjoying and hopefully he will bring us another 40 wonderful years of education for children.

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