I was originally going to be the Scarecrow from the Batman movie. But a suit with a piece of burlap over my head didn’t seem like an exciting costume. So I kinda went with a traditional scarecrow. The head’s a piece of burlap, that I used some polyurethane on to keep the folds and creases stiff. I airbrushed it, so that it wouldn’t look like a sack with two holes over my head. I made both the pants and the tunic using patterns that I found online, and then put some patches (using leftover burlap) and some stitching detail using twine to make them look more authentic. Then I found an old straw hat, and got a pair of buckskin gloves and painted them brown to match the costume. From there I just added some raffia in that hat to give the effect of hair, and used some natural fiber rope to tie around my hands, ankles, and waist “‚Äú along with making a noose to hold the mask on. I also used an old scythe that I found at a yard sale for a prop.

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