Saw V – Just in time for Halloween!

It’s Halloween, which means it’s time for yet another installment of Saw. This time around in Saw V, although the original Jigsaw is gone, he’s certainly not forgotten. Hoffman, the forensics expert from the past few films in the franchise, has been selected to carry on John Kramer’s work. And it won’t be pretty!

Saw V promises to tie up a lot of loose ends in terms of storyline. It will also feature Hoffman tying up loose ends to remove evidence of his link to Jigsaw. Tobin Bell (the original Jigsaw) will still appear in the film although his character is definitely dead. Who knows how this will turn out. All you can count on is a lot of innovative gore that the series is known for.

Billy, the creepy puppet, is also going to be back, too! Check out a trailer for the film here.

Get ready for the October 24th release date with some Saw costumes and masks based on Billy and Jigsaw’s pig mask-wearing henchman (or henchwoman)!

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