Robotech Costumes for 2009…maybe?

Big news! Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man) is not only set to produce but now also to star in the Robotech movie! I am a huge fan of Robotech, it was my favorite cartoon show when I was a kid…

This year Transformers costumes are a huge hit, and even though the inventory and selection (only the optimus prime costume is available, there is no bumblebee!), boys love it and want to dress up as a Transformers for Halloween.

So hopefully the lesson will be learnt by the costuming industry: we need a larger selection of costumes for the big Blockbuster movies! And Robotech is going to be one of these BIG movies, so get to work early please.

Guys, if you need help with designing the characters’ costumes, here you go, all the Robotech characters bios and photos are here!

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