Reviewing “Star Trek” and it’s $76.5 Million Opening Weekend!

J.J. Abrams new Star Trek film has boldly gone where no other Trek film has gone before in terms of opening weekend gross at the box office. The reboot pulled in a whopping $76.5 million so far. The closest any Trek film had previously come to these numbers was 1996’s Star Trek: First Contact with $30 million on opening weekend. While the very first film in the television-series-turned-film franchise, 1979’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture pulled in a respectable $12 million for its time period, the new Star Trek exceeded box office draw expectations and is expected to blow past the $200 million mark by the time it’s ready to be shelved. And that’s not even counting possible DVD sales!

So, is the new flick worth making the Trek to the theatres to check out? You bet your Vulcan ears it is! While you can’t please everyone, the new Star Trek reboots the franchise back to the original series’ early days with a fresh-from-the-Starfleet Academy crew’s early years aboard the Enterprise. However, as the film’s tagline states: “It’s not your father’s Star Trek.”

While it’s slightly different from the original series, the new cast preserves what Trekkies loved so much about the original, including its sense of humor and genuine emotional moments. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… You’ll want to throw Vulcan gang signs as you’re leaving the theatre.

Star Trek (version 2.0) is funny at times times without being cheezy or campy, and several shocking moments may wring a tear from even the most hardened veteran viewer of the shows. It’s a thoroughly well-written and well-acted film. Even original Spock, Leonard Nimoy’s appearance made perfect sense and wasn’t used in a gratuitous manner.

As far as the acting goes, all of the actors were terrific, portraying the CHARACTERS instead of going for camp value. Chris Pine’s James T. Kirk completely gives you the impression that you’re watching a younger, pre-captain Kirk. While Pine occassionlly throws in some Shatner-like delivery and mannerisms for effect, he respects his forebear’s portrayal, yet still manages to imbue the character with all of the qualities that The Shat used to make Kirk so likeable. He’s an actor playing a role very convincingly… Not nicking another actor’s portrayal.

Similarly, Karl Urban’s version of Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy is grizzled and likeable — much like DeForrest Kelly’s characterization. Again, this allows the audience to forget the actors and focus more on the characters.

Zachary Quinto’s Spock is somewhat different from the Vulcan Trek fans know and love. He’s very good in his portrayal, however (without giving away any major spoilers), you have to keep in mind that this is a Spock under different circumstances.

The new Star Trek delivers lots of nice “shout outs” to the fans. The requisite “red shirt moment,” (although it’s more of a red jumpsuit/apparatus moment than strictly a “red shirt” moment), Kirk lovin’ the green ladies, and young Spock getting into a schoolyard scuffle on Vulcan, complete with green blood (think: Spock goes all Ralphie from A Christmas Story wailing on Scut Farkas) are just a few.

Perhaps the best thing about the new Star Trek is that it doesn’t take extensive knowledge of the original to enjoy the film. It appeals to old school Trekkers, as well as sucking in a newer batch of fans who can get in on the ground floor of a new Trek franchise.

That said, we’re predicting that the Summer of Star Trek will have a trickle-down effect come Halloween, with Trek costumes becoming equally as popular as cinematic counterparts. Fans are already heading to the theatre decked out in Spock ears and Starfleet apparel. Classic versions based on the Star Trek uniforms of the original series are available, as are brand spankin’ new 2009 costumes from the movie in much more muted tones with texture. Check out the gold shirt for a Captain Kirk — or Captain Pike costume… Or indulge your dark side as the film’s villain, the Romulan Nero. Ladies may want to dress as Lieutenant Uhura, who may make a great couple’s costume along with Spock.

Whatever you choose, get ready to kick it into Warp Factor for a second round as a sequel is being prepped for 2011. Live long and prosper!

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