Review and Costume Options from G.I. Joe Rise of the Cobra

Paramount spent $175 million in making a live action GI Joe movie for fans this summer. All summer long we have been seeing trailers, gearing up in an anticipation of the film, and yet the reviews from this new release have been negative. It turns out the critics were not given a chance to review the film before it hit theatres Friday August 7th, 2009. The studio showed the film to several GI Joe fans, but wouldn’t let the critics get near it.

So, why all the secrecy? If you believe the reviews it is due to a severely lacking plot, convoluted action, and noise. Every review that has been offered so far about the movie has definitely not found it worth the wait. The talk about this latest move into GI Joe is not just about the plot, but also about the actors. Many critics have ridiculed Channing Tatum for his acting. One even compared it to a toy tall where a person is pulling the voice cord on the back of the neck.

GI Joe is going to have to be one of those movies we all decide for ourselves. If you like action packed mayhem then you will most likely find some redeeming qualities about the movie and plot. GI Joe is based on the Duke who is recruited by Ripcord to join an exclusive military branch. This branch receives high tech toys in order to fight against the world’s evil. The movie has the Eiffel Tower being demolished by green slime, the “Joes”¬ù running around in super power suits and a full team of top actors. Dennis Quaid plays General Hawk, which was mildly convincing.

While the critics may not have enjoyed the movie, and the plot is a little thin at least we get a few costumes out of it. As you can imagine the GI Joe costumes are military in design. You might have to step back into the 80’s when GI Joe was most popular for the military suits, but the special super power suit you can build for Halloween this year will bring the costume up to something most special. Even the Cobra costume had a little twist to delight movie watchers.

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