Resident Evil Costumes Rise Again: Get Your Zombie Look Now!

Resident Evil has been one of the most popular horror video games ever created for Play Station and like consoles. The video games are full of puzzles, mystery, and hand to hand fits to stop the zombies from killing the main character. Earlier in the 2000’s the first live action film was created starring Milla Jovovich, also of Fifth Element.

The film likes its video games drew a large crowded raking in millions in the opening weekend. The story began with the hive releasing a deadly toxin to kill those infected with the virus and Alice, Jovovich’s character, was found in a shower without proper memory. Her husband, it turned out was the mastermind behind stealing the virus and allowing it to become air born. On the quest to stop the virus and save lives Alice meets a cop who helps her, only to be infected in the very end.

Of course the first film left the opening for a sequel, and Hollywood rose to the occasion. Unfortunately, like most sequels it got a less than stellar reception by critics and fans. It had some good content, but it was certainly less than the first. The third film was even less well received, though still popular among hardcore Resident Evil fans. This time Alice joins a caravan to help fight against the Umbrella Corp. This film was rife with clone Alice who dies in the last moments of the film, as the cut scene to Wesker in Tokyo is shown.

As with the other two films, Resident Evil Extinction left the path open for a fourth in the series. It will be called Resident Evil Afterlife. It will be a bit of a long wait for this fourth installment to reach the public as the release date is set for September 10, 2010. Milla Jovovich will take up her role again as Alice, and be joined by Ali Larter, Wentworth Miller, Kim Coates, Shawn Roberts, and Spencer Locke. At the moment very little is known about the plot, other than it will pick up where the last movie left off. Alice will still be roaming the world for other survivors. She will stumble into a prison with numerous Zombies in Los Angeles, as well as find a group who has been hiding in the city since the outbreak. She helps them break out including the character of Chris Redfield, who is Claire’s brother. Chris Redfield is based on the video game character in the original game.

You will have plenty of time to get your resident evil costume together. You may decide to go as Alice or adopt the latest character Chris Redfield. No matter what you will have to be wary of the zombie costumes running amuck out there destined to stop your progress as a human!

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