Remember the Joker this Halloween…

It’s always sad hearing the passing of someone young and famous. Unfortunately, this week, Heath Ledger tragically passed away.

I was really looking forward to the premiere of the super anticipated movie “The Dark Night“, the Batman sequel, to see those incredible stars reunited in the movie: Chris Bale, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Morgan Freeman… pretty amazing. But I am sure this won’t be fun for anybody from the movie and production to be there watching premiere without Heath.

Simply tragic.

I know The Dark knight will be an incredible success (it’s set to be released on July 18th 2008) as the last Batman was. The characters of Batman and The Joker will definitely be huge hits for Halloween costume ideas and maybe this year The Joker might become more popular than Batman. And it should be.

Let’s remember Heath this Halloween by wearing The Joker costume, a colonial costume (The Patriot), a cowboy costume (Brokeback Mountain) or a knight costume (A Knight’s Tale)… and a black ribbon.

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