RECIPES: Cinco de Mango Margarita

For a Cinco de Mayo party, you definitely want some unique, killer drinks for your guests to throw back. Try this refreshing take on the tried n’ true tequilla classic, a Cinco de Mango Margarita!


1. Fresh mango(Peeled, diced, and frozen)

2. Lime juice (or sour mix)

3. Tequilla

4. Triple Sec (or any orange liqueur)

5. Coarse Margarita Salt

6. Fresh limes (sliced for garnish)


Step 1: Peel and slice a few fresh mangoes. One mango per three drinks works out nicely, particularly if they’re large. Put the diced mango in the freezer for a few hours prior to serving.

Step 2: Combine your liquid ingredients in the following ratio for one drink. Double, triple, or quadruple the recipe to serve more:

– 1.5 oz.of Tequilla

– 1 oz. of Triple Sec

– 1 oz. of lime juice or Sour Mix

Step 3: Once you have your liquid ingredients together, toss them into a blender with the diced, frozen mangoes. Hit puree until it acheives your desired consistency.

Step 4: Rim your margarita glasses with salt by running a paper towel dipped in lime juice around the rim of the glass and then dipping it into the coarse salt. It should stick easily and the lime juice will add even more flavor to the salt and cocktail.

Step 5: Pour your margaritas directly from the blender into the glasses and garnish with a lime wedge. Enjoy!

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