Read Across America for Dr. Seuss’ Birthday… Plus a POLL!

March 2nd is the birthday of Theodore Geissel — better known as Dr. Seuss. Although he’s no longer with us (Born in 1904, if he was, he would be 105 years old!), the beloved children’s author’s legacy lives on through his myriad of fantastical characters.

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, the NEA (National Education Association) is sponsoring Read Across American on March 2nd. Part of the fun includes traveling Cat-a-Vans decorated in black, white, and red in the familiar look of the Cat in the Hat’s famous apparel. Traveling across country on four separate tours, these Cat-a-Vans bring books to kids as well as the colorful characters of Dr. Seuss’ world to life! To see how you can get involved or if you would like to volunteer or bring your child to participate, check out the NEA’s site to see what activities are available in your state.

Even if you can’t get involved directly, read to your child on March 2nd. Make things more festive in the spirit of Dr. Seuss’ birthday by putting on a Cat in the Hat hat made of soft velveteen or even a Horton headband with the character’s floppy ears on it and a whole host of Who headbands for your littlest characters to get into the story!

Don’t be a Grinch! Take the poll and let us know who YOUR favorite Dr. Seuss character is!


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