TV idea: Ramona Singer Halloween costume

We are not seeing this costume idea everyday. TheFrisky posted a few ideas to make a real Ramona costume. If you’ve never watched The Real Housewives of NYC, Ramona is part of the cast, a successful wholesale clothing business entrepreneur and a bit of a crazy woman sometimes… Remember the runway walk? LOL 🙂

Anyway, check it out, this is a great idea.

>“The Real Housewives of New York City”‘s Ramona Singer is something of a life inspiration. She’s bold, she’s brash, and she doesn’t let a little thing like cultural insensitivity or completely inappropriateness get in the way of a good time. And that’s a great thing for us, because that makes her all the more entertaining. Ramona, with her crazy eyes and her constant companion, Pinot Grigio, bends for no one.


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