In the Bible, the ""wise men from the East"" who bring costly gifts to the infant Jesus are not named. The Gospels don't even specify how many wise men there were. The number three comes from the list...
Everything we think we ""know"" about the Three Wise Men comes from legends that arose in early medieval times. All the Bible says is that ""wise men from the east"" (it doesn't specify any number) ca...
Gaspar may not have actually been from India. He may or may not have been a king. And there may have been more than three gift-bearing visitors to the infant Jesus. The Biblical account simply calls t...
This beautiful satin throw pillow features 3 mischievous fairies- see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. The lively colors are sure to brighten any room! The pillow measures 14 inches by 14 inc...
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Make a statement on your patio
Add the Three Wise Men - Dona Gelsinger Standup to your next Christmas play or holiday decorations to help the season feel even better! Dimensions 58" by 49". Costume Includes: Standup
The Three Wise Men, or Three Kings, are said to have visited Jesus on the night of his birth, bearing gifts. These figurines, sand-cast of the enduring metal alloy and polished to a reflective gleam, ...
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