Gaspar may not have actually been from India. He may or may not have been a king. And there may have been more than three gift-bearing visitors to the infant Jesus. The Biblical account simply calls t...
The Bible simply describes ""wise men from the east"" who brought rich gifts to the baby Jesus. So how do we know that one of those wise men was named Balthasar and came from Arabia? Actually, we don'...
There are many different legends surrounding the three Wise Men who brought gifts to the young Jesus. This Boys Three Wise Men Gaspar of India Costume reflects a 14th century Armenian tradition that m...
In this Boys Three Wise Men Melchior of Persia Costume, your son can become the Arabian scholar who brought a gift of frankincense to the infant Jesus. Perfect for a Christmas pageant.
NEWC1186 Features Material: Polystone Season: Winter Color: Multi Decoration Type: Lawn art/Figurine Color: Multi Colored Theme: Nativity Location: Freestanding Holiday Theme: Yes Holiday: Christmas D...
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Three Wise Men Gaspar of India Child Costume
Three Wise Men Gaspar of India Adult Mens Costume
Three Wise Men Melchior of Persia Child Costume
Three Wise Men Balthasar of Arabia Child Costume
ChubbyChicoCharms exclusive design. This lovely 22mm Three Wise Men On Camels Pewter Charm is hand cast and finished in the USA, using Genuine 100% American Pewter. This bracelet is made of pure cryst...
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