This Thor Hammer is an officially licensed Marvel Heroes accessory. Made from light plastic and is perfect for a child or an adult. Size=One Size
Seller: Walmart
Thor Hammer Adult Halloween Accessory: Includes hammer Care instructions: wipe with a damp cloth Adult
Seller: Walmart
Thor Hammer Button is Round Measuring Approximately 1 Inches - 3 cm
Thor Hammer Magnet - Stylish Thick Chunky Magnet Approximately 3 Inches X 4 Inches - 8 cm X 10 cm
Thor Hammer Time T Shirt Sheer It's looking like it's hammer time and maybe a bit of god of Thunder time! This vintage Thor t-shirt is a perfect fit for any fan that loves to show off their favorite M...
Thor Hammer Bolt T Shirt Sheer You can summons all the powers of the heavens, and be the god of Thunder in this powerful and incredible Thor t-shirt! From Asgard comes this Marvel Comic hero, Thor, ra...
Thor Punch T Shirt Sheer The Mighty Thor with his mighty hammer the Mjolnir, is leaping into action and right off this t-shirt! Feel all the power and forces of the god of Thunder in this Marvel Comic...
Medieval legend comes to life in our Thors hammer necklace pendant. In Norse mythology, Thor is a major God associated with thunder. Thors hammer, called Mjolnir, is a very distinctively shaped and fe...
Seller: OpenSky
Beat up any Ice Giant that comes your way with this Toy Plush Thor Hammer! Perfect for tiny Avenger, the plush gray head is attached to a brown handle. The ultimate addition to any baby Thor costume.
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Assemble your own hammer from Thor with ease with this Marvel Thor Hammer Metal Earth Model Kit from Fascinations! These amazingly detailed DIY models start as 4-inch square steel sheets and finish as...