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Steadfast in their core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment, Navy members have proudly dedicated their lives to serving their country. Now it's time to display your pride in the United States Navy...
The most elite fighting force in the world can spring to action with split second precision, always arriving in the nick of time. Now you can display your pride in their timely action with the Semper ...
It's time to honor the valor of a very special soldier! And the perfect way to do it is with this collectible U.S. Army For Home and Country clock, only from The Bradford Exchange. Standing tall at 9-...
It was the aircraft that changed history. Claiming 4,950 enemy aircraft shot down, the P-51 Mustang American fighter plane became an icon of WWII American pride and ingenuity. Now, this limited-editio...
Dishwasher Safe Pocket Thermometer - 5 in. Dishwasher safe design for thorough sanitation Field Calibration a" no additional tools required Anti-roll design keeps thermometers from rolling off tables ...
Dial displays temperatures from 60F to 220F (20 C to 100 C) . Pot clip attaches easily to the side of any pot, pan or bowl. Thermometer can be recalibrated by twisting hex hub beneath the dial with pl...
Seller: Kohl's
Get those decadent treats to the right heat with this candy thermometer. Why We Love It: Perfect for candy and deep-frying. Stay-cool handle clips safely onto the side of a pot. Clearly marked and acc...
Seller: Kohl's
Dimensions: 7D x 1.2 W x 10.6L.
This stainless steel Thermometer has a 1""-dia. head, 5""L stem and a plastic stem case with shirt pocket clip. The boldly accented dial has an unbreakable polycarbonate crystal. Accurate to 1% of ran...
Seller: Ben Meadows
This 5?""L glass Thermometer with Armor Casing is sealed and calibrated for total immersion. Filled with red colored kerosene. Scale of -30 to 50C in 1 increments. Armor Casing.
Seller: Ben Meadows