Four middle-eastern men and their redneck roommate pursue the American dream with hilarious consequences, not knowing they are being closely watched by two government agents who foolishly interpret th...
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When large numbers of heavily armed terrorists have taken over the Prypiat' area, European governments shook in fear.
Rothco's 'Terrorist Hunting Club' T-Shirt is a great way to show off your determination to help preserve freedom and the American way of life. This comfortable cotton/poly shirt features a printed "Te...
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America's premiere informational journal for Homeland Security professionals, our mission is to provide first responders relevant technical information they need to combat terrorism at home and abroad...
A terrorist's bomb killed her brother-is Laura the next target? Laura and Billy are all-American expat kids living in London with their parents. Charming eleven-year-old Billy wants to be an entrepren...
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Ira Winkler has been dubbed "A Modern Day James Bond" by CNN and other media outlets for his ability to simulate espionage attacks against many of the top companies in the world, showing how billions ...
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Religious zeal and passionate dogma can be powerful motivators for homegrown recruits of terrorist organizations. In this book, Peter A. Olsson, MD, applies his years of work with disordered personali...
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CD/Spoken Word, Random House, 2015, ISBN13 9781101926574, ISBN10 1101926570
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This is the extraordinary story of a young Iraqi who was recruited by U.S. Intelligence after saving an American Military officer who was nearly abducted by al-Qaeda. His intelligence information chan...
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