Grease T Bird Jacket Xl 46-50
Even if the only time you'll ever drive a 1948 Ford De Luxe convertible is in your dreams, you'll love this Plus Size Grease T-Birds Jacket. Get the feel of the classic 1978 movie Grease. Add a little...
Be a real T-Bird with this Authentic T-Birds Jacket. You'll be busy cruising the streets but that's a-okay!
If your main squeeze is a T-Bird but won't let you wear his jacket, get your own! This officially licensed Women's Grease T-Birds Jacket is perfect. Whether you're a Pink Lady or a newcomer from Austr...
Go, greased lightning, go, greased lightning, go, greased lightning. It will be years before he has his own car, but he can dream. Wearing this Kids Grease T-Birds Jacket will give him fuel for those ...
You don't have to BE a greaser to look like one! Just wear this licensed Adult Grease T-Birds Jacket over a white T-shirt and rolled-up jeans. Bring your own Brylcreem.
Grease T Bird Jacket M/l 40-44
Jacket Only. (Print; ; T-BIRD; ; on Back)
Seller: Walmart US
So, you've found a Sandy of your own and you need to sweep her off of her feet! What's a guy to do? We suggest joining a group of high school delinquents, getting a fast car and of course, dancing and...
This is a faux leather adult men's Grease T-Birds jacket.