Introducing one of Rydell High's newest darlings! Move aside Sandy, this girl is the new member of the Pink Ladies! As a member of the most popular group of girls in school, she'll be attending sleepo...
Even if it's been a few years since you graduated from high school, you can re-live those days in this Adult Grease Pink Ladies Jacket. It's great for a costume party, 50s-theme event, or just plain f...
This Child Grease Pink Ladies Jacket is perfect for her to wear for a 50s day at school. Let her join a group of friends to create their own version of the cool clique from Rydell High. It's good prac...
Are you ready to bring your little girl into your gang of cool girls from Rydell High? The best way to induct your little one into the group is by giving her one of these Child Authentic Pink Ladies J...
Rydell High's cool clique wants you! To join them you'll need this Grease Plus Size Pink Ladies Jacket. Then you'll fit right in. ""Grease"" really is the word!
Choose which of the Pink Ladies you want to be when you wear this Authentic Grease Plus Size Pink Ladies Jacket. It includes 4 interchangeable nametags for Rizzo, Frenchy, Jan & Marty. Form your o...
Congratulations, you've been officially accepted into the Pink Ladies! This is a great honor, because now you'll be one of the most popular girls at Rydell High, and you can officially sing Summer Nig...
Are you too cool for school? Amp up your cool factor a little more by wearing this Child Deluxe Pink Ladies Jacket. Rizzo, Frenchie, and the rest of the clique will definitely take notice when you spo...
Dress as one of the Pink Ladies from Grease with this adult jacket.
This costume includes a pink jacket and interchangable Rizzo and Frenchie name tags. Does not include dress or shoes. This is an officially licensed Grease product.