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Did you know that ledernhosen were originally worn for hard physical work? They become unfitting for many modern city-dwellers in the 19th century. I don't know about you, but I consider drinking lots...
Does a cold pint of Bavarian beer sounds like heaven to you? Why wait until October? This Women's Oktoberfest Fraulein Costume has the looks that says, ""I'm ready for a brew, how about you?"" in just...
Make Oktoberfest more memorable when you go in style! This plus size Fraulein costume is so realistic looking that some festival attendees will think they've taken a wrong turn and actually found thei...
Oh no. Another German is on his way to a beer festival. Well at least you took a traditional route. There's a rumor that wearing lederhosen while drinking makes you drink faster and hold your alcohol ...
Ich bin ein Oktoberfester! Make sure you have a place to set your cold brew this Oktoberfest with these festive German Oktoberfest drink coasters These will be the perfect addition to give your celebr...
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Happy Oktoberfest Plastic Stein with Pretzel Handle.
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IZN6770 Features Includes hanging accessories Made with 100pct Cotton canvas Vertical shape Configuration: 1 Panel 100pct Anti-shrink pine wood bars and Epson anti-fade ultra chrome inks 100pct Hand-m...
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Our plastic Oktoberfest dirndl vest is much cheaper than the real thing and is a great accessory to show off your Oktoberfest spirit.
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Invite some smiling Germans to your Oktoberfest party with this set of three Oktoberfest People Cutout Wall Decorations. Made of card stock material, each cutout is 18" tall and features a colorful il...
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Beer is the center of any Oktoberfest party, so make it the center of your table with this Oktoberfest Party Beer Mug Centerpiece. Measuring 15" by 5", this centerpiece features a beer mug design prin...
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