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She got an A in biology, an A in trigonometry and an A+ in French...kissing! This Sexy Nerd School Girl Costume will turn you into a bombshell brainiac with an incessant need for knowledge. By the way...
Make his liver quiver in this unique number! Who say's brains aren't beautiful? Transform into a sexy brainiac with a Sexy Class Nerd Costume.
I can use the Pythagorean Theorem to solve any math equation and I memorized the periodic table by the time I was just five years old! Some people think being a nerd is a negative thing but who wouldn...
Most people know about Domo's work as ""a strange creature that hatched from an egg,"" but did you know about Domo's other great work in the field of astro-physics and robotics? That's right, Domo is ...
Dorky black frames and white mending tape add up to - NERD! Whether you are a hopeless nerd; hottie or hunk; these School Nerd glasses are fun to wear! The School Nerd glasses are made of black plasti...
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It's the return of the nerd! Get your cutie into nerd shape with the Girls School Nerd Kit. These funky accessories will have all the neighborhood kids wanting to be a nerd too. Girls School Nerd Kit ...
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Show off your dorky side in the School Nerd Alert Girls Costume. This mix-matched printed dress is brightly colored with a hot pink necktie detail. Add black glasses (sold separately) to take this loo...
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This costume includes a jumpsuit with checkered bottoms and suspender and pocket protector print. Jumpsuit has attached bowtie and snaps for easier diaper change. Also includes glasses. Does not inclu...
Create or complete your transformation into a total nerd with this dorky brown School Nerd wig. The brown School Nerd wig is 100% polyester
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New Directions Nerd Reindeer Tunic Sweater
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