This Dracula is a darling, definitely more funny than frightful! This pet toy is dressed in a cape with a bat-wing effect. He comes complete with a green face, pointy ears, fangs, and a sound chip tha...
Seller: Brookstone
Pet Costume Dracula
Pet Halloween Toys Kyjen Halloween Squeaker Mats are adorable plush squeaker mats intended to keep a dog excited and mentally stimulated for a long time.  Dogs crave mental stimulation as much as...
Seller: EntirelyPets
This Dracula dog costume is sure to scare up some Halloween fun. The costume includes everything you need to dress your pooch up for the holiday. Small fits up to 11 inches Medium fits up to 15 inches...
Material: Canvas with a finished backing Pets Rock collection Made in the USA
Seller: Staples
Fabric: Woven polyester Care: Machine wash cold water Hanging: Buttonhole openings (rings not included)
Seller: Staples
Fabric: Woven polyester Closure: Sewn closed Care: Spot treatment with damp cloth
Seller: Staples