Stranger things are happening, like ripples in time and diabolical alternate versions of Reed Richards that must be defeated! SPIDER-MAN and DOCTOR DOOM were brought together on the Future Foundation ...
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Marvel Comics' massive 12-issue crossover Secret Wars celebrates its 25th-anniversary in 2009, and to commemorate the anniversary Kenner offers collectors the Secret Wars Action Figure 2-Packs. Each f...
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Mighty Muggs Doctor Doom is clad in a green tunic and grim silver gunmetal-hued armor. Mighty Muggs Doctor Doom is assisted by computer-powered armor and a mastery of esoteric arts; such is Mighty Mug...
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From the pages of Fantastic Four comes one of the Marvel Universe s most notorious villains: Doctor Victor Von Doom! Figure stands 7 tall and includes a detailed throne display base and variant hand. ...
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Doom on the water In an epic spanning from New York to Louisiana to California to Maryland to the Atlantic Ocean, the Avengers are forced into Dr. Doom's latest scheme by the Atlantean Attuma, who wan...
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Material: 100% Cotton canvas Artist: Marvel Comics 100% Hand-made
Seller: Staples
Your favorite Marvel super heroes available in ultimate vinyl figure form!
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Toy Biz and Diamond Select present one of the Marvel Universe's most famous - and infamous - villains: Doctor Victor Von Doom! Standing 7-inches tall, Dr. Doom is scaled in proportion to the rest of t...
You dare defy the benevolent ruler of Latveria? He wants to stand on your desk, casting a disapproving glare at you while you work! This Dr. Doom Head Knocker comes straight from Victor Von Doom's hea...
This ought to get their attention when you pick up your kid at school, and you might not want to wear it when you go to the bank. The Fantastic 4 Dr. Doom Hooded Costume Fleece Zip-Up Hoodie is availa...