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You'll look arresting when you wear the 70's Adult Detective Kit. This kit features a gun holster; snazzy badge; 70's style mustache and big aviator sunglasses. 70's Adult Detective Kit includes: Gun ...
Solve the mystery of what to be on Halloween with this easy and fun to wear Detective Kit costume. Equipped with sunglasses; moustache; badge with holder and handcuffs; you are free to do almost whate...
The revolutionary My Mold Detective Mold Test Kit is the first professional-grade DIY mold test kit for the consumer providing you with fast, affordable, reliable and quantifiable indoor mold concentr...
Seller: Sylvane
Test additional rooms, perform seasonal mold testing or perform testing for friends and family for presence of mold with the My Mold Detective Additional Samples Accessory Kits.  Must be use...
Seller: Sylvane
Drink Detective Drink Spiking Detection Kit:100% accuracyZero false positives
Seller: Walmart US
Circuit locators automatic Locates circuits without turning the power off. Transmitter plugs into a live 120 volt outlet, run receiver probe over bank of breakers/fuses in panel. Fully automatic. Flas...
China's first master detective is looking for answers to some burning questions in this blend of historical drama and mystery from acclaimed director Tsui Hark. Di Renjie (Andy Lau) , nicknamed Detect...
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ISBN -13: 978-1553374978.
ISBN -13: 978-1442476813.
ISBN -13: 978-1550229714.