Presidential race: can Halloween predict the winner?

Interesting find over the week, Amazon Meters: Put Your Party on Your Face which basically tracks the sales of Barack Obama and John McCain masks on

As you can see on the picture, senator Obama has a slight but not negligible advantage on senator McCain. So what about Costumzee?

As you may already know, Costumzee has the ability to show you costume trend reports for any costume idea possible. Here on Costumzee, Barack Obama wins over John McCain too:

barack obama costume

john mccain costume

What’s a bit more surprising (or not) is that Hillary Clinton is holding a pretty good rank!

hillary clinton cotume

So what does that say? Republicans want to dress up as Barack Obama for Halloween for fun and sarcasm? Or do Obama’s followers actually want to dress up as their favorite presidential candidate…? It’s hard to say honestly.

But if we do rely on these statistics, from Amazon and CostumZee, Senator Barack Obaman will be your next US president by a slight advantage… but we’ll have to wait another month to know!

And what about Sarah Palin costume? It doesn’t look like the costume idea is really popular, yet Well, i talked too fast đŸ™‚

hillary clinton cotume

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