Prepare for Watchmen Costumes from both the Movie and the Game

Watchmen was in theatres a few months ago. At the time we all geared up for Watchmen costumes, waiting to see what spectacular options Hollywood would have for the movie that we could perhaps remake for a costume party or Halloween. We still have a few months till Halloween to prepare. But, now we have even more choices.

Nite Owl Costume

Watchmen isn’t just about the movie and the comic book costumes being offered. Released this week was Watchmen the End is Nigh a new Hi- Def game for Play Station 3. The game features a split screen co-op multiplayer option or single player with an AI partner. The video game is going to stay true to the Hollywood film with the graphics and setting. In fact there are 25 minutes of footage on the game that was lacking from the movie. The game has two parts with nine chapters.

Silk Spectre Costume

The entire video game will be filled with action including street fights and some pretty bloody battles. All your favorite characters will be in the game. You can play it from the perspective of Rorschach or even Nite Owl. It is overall a fighting game. So while there is some great footage relating to the movie you are mostly fighting to move through the story.

For those who want costumes it is just another great way to bring about your character’s image. You can combine the game graphics Rorschach costume with what the movie offered. If Rorschach isn’t your favorite character consider Nite Owl costumes. These Watchmen costumes make the perfect get up for being an unlikely hero at a masquerade party. Even Silk Spectre costumes are a great option if you want the whole team to appear at the party. The game just gives us another avenue to get our costume ideas picked out!

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